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Consistency in Change

Consistency in Change

We have all gone through a lot of changes recently. Things that seemed so sure a couple of years ago we no longer take for granted. Change is an interesting thing. We need change to progress, but it makes us uncomfortable while we are going through it. Especially if it is sudden and forced upon us.

We have all suffered a little with too little supply and too much demand, especially over this past summer. Don't for a moment think we at Pool & Electrical Products do not feel your pain. We pride ourselves on having the products you need when you need them. When we can't live up to that it hurts. Many products are still in short supply and many of you have been compelled to use products that are not your first choice. Hopefully, you have found some good alternatives because of that.

Speaking of First Choice, we have several product changes that are coming. Primarily a number of our First Choice pumps are being discontinued based on the new DOE regulations. We will continue to offer excellent Variable Speed Pumps that are energy efficient, easy to program and cost effective. Also, our Professional Leaf Rakes will be undergoing an overhaul. Look for an enhanced design, increased quality, and better supply at your local branch.

You may notice these and other changes to our First Choice Products in the coming months. We want you to know that the integrity of the brand and customer satisfaction are in mind every time we make a change. We never change just for the sake of change. We are always trying to improve First Choice, so that your trust in the products will continue to grow. It is important that you believe in First Choice because is not just a label, it is a brand with a purpose.

First Choice supports pool professionals by providing reliable products that have been proven by years of success in the industry. These products are only available to pool professionals, and we do not allow them to be resold on the internet. Which means that you can sell them to your customer without having them "price check" you on the internet. First Choice swimming pool products are carefully researched to meet the highest of standards.

Pool & Electrical Products is proud to offer First Choice as a means to protect and service pool industry professionals. Plus, now that PEP is a part of a growing family of distributors spread from coast to coast, the First Choice name and message are destined to grow stronger and more capable. Changes are coming, but our commitment to providing quality products will remain constant.

David White

First Choice Brand Manager

Pool & Electrical Products LLC